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We develop dispatch and booking management software for the taxi and private hire Industry. The iCabbi cloud based platform offers full visibility and control of your business and is designed to reduce operational costs, increase efficiency through automation and drive customer satisfaction. Our system is designed with input by taxi companies and our customer ideas forum drives our development roadmap. Our technology delivers the tools needed to deliver your business goals and the capability to compete anywhere.

Gavan Walsh

Gavan Walsh

CEO & Founder

The Story Behind iCabbi

Back in June 2009, Gavan Walsh was on holidays in Portugal with his girlfriend. One day they went out walking and got lost in a very remote area. What they would have done to get a taxi back to the villa, but they had no taxi numbers and there was nobody around to ask!

An idea struck Gavan during the ordeal, that it would be cool to be able to see live taxis on his iphone and then to be able to book one without having to speak to anyone. He got really excited about this concept and the day he got back from holidays he started working on putting a team together that could turn this idea into a reality. First he needed a good developer. Niall O'Callaghan was a friend's brother who had a reputation as a highly skilled developer that would deliver on a complex project. When approached with the concept, he immediately saw the opportunity and joined the team. Over the coming months, as the business started to grow, the guys realised that they needed help in planning and strategy. Bob Nixon, a good friend of Gavan's liked the concept and was eager to get involved so when approached, he joined, forming the core team of the business as it still stands today.

The launch of iCabbi as a consumer brand combined a PR campaign telling the people of Dublin of a new way to book your taxi. "Don't take a taxi, take an iCabbi!" and also the release of a short video that endeavoured to go viral. Don't forget that this was back in 2010 and taxi apps were only new to the market and quite innovative.

Although the original focus of the business was B2C, creating a direct link between independent taxi drivers and consumers, when a small 30 car taxi company approached the guys asking to adapt the technology into a basic dispatch system, it quickly became apparent that this is where the opportunity lay, as a B2B business, supplying revolutionary taxi dispatch software to taxi companies. Over the next 24 months, the team grew and focused on working with bigger and bigger taxi companies each time. Learning from the experts and this is where their much used motto comes from, "Built with Taxi companies for Taxi companies"

With the team now compromising of 30 highly dedicated, skilled individuals the future looks bright. The global taxi industry is in a major state of transition and currently with the most advanced cloud based system on the market, the iCabbi team are highly motivated and enthusiastic to capitalise on this gaping opportunity.The business was initially funded by the founders with help from family and friends, but has since received investment from a selection of Ireland's premier funding sources, Enterprise Ireland, AIB Seed Fund and also a group of technology investors that are part of Bloom Equity group.

Why companies across the World are moving to iCabbi

iCabbi Milestone Achievements


  • Q2 - iCabbi, Europe's 1st Cloud Based Taxicab Company Formed
  • 2010

  • Q4 - 1st Taxicab Company, Express Taxis, Goes Live in Ireland
  • 2011

  • Q2 – 2nd Taxicab Company Live After Major Development Work
  • 2012

  • Q4 – VIP Taxis, 500 Cars, Go Live in Ireland
  • Q4 - Close Seed Funding Round – AIB Seed Fund, Enterprise Ireland & Bloom Equity
  • 2014

  • Q1 – Abbey Cars, 350 Cars, Go Live in London
  • Q3 – Lynk Taxis, 1000 cars, Go Live in Ireland. iCabbi achieve 70% of Target Market in Ireland
  • Q3 - Amber Cars, 800 Cars, Go Live in Leeds
  • Q3 – Alexandria Yellow Cab USA, 300 cars, Go Live
  • Q4 – City Cars, 1,400 Cars, Go Live in Sheffield
  • 2015

  • Q3 – Veezu - UK's Biggest Taxi Consolidator, 2,250 Cars, Sign With iCabbi
  • Q4 – 50% Market Share UK with companies over 500 cars. Thought Leaders all Choosing iCabbi
  • Q4 – With 10 clients now live across the US the product is validated and proven for US market
  • Q4 – US Market Launch in TLPA Show in Las Vegas

Meet the Team

Gavan Walsh
Gavan Walsh
CEO & Founder

Gavan is a serial entrepreneur and a recognized thought leader in the industry.

Michael Tope
Mick Tope
Managing Director

Michael is an experienced senior executive with over 19 years' experience at director level (in technology companies). Michael has also delivered consultancy services to a range of firms and lectured at under graduate and post graduate level. Michael holds an MBA (first) from the University of Wales and is on the DCU Business School's PhD register.

Niall O Callaghan
Niall O' Callaghan
Technical Director & Co Founder

Niall is a member of the founding team. Niall is a nationally recognised development expert and the technical innovator behind iCabbi's success. From the outset, Niall has developed new and innovative solutions to long standing industry problems. Niall has successfully built a team of passionate, and motivated young developers who share his drive to excel. Niall has very significant development experience and has delivered major innovative solutions to Ireland's pillar banks.

Bob Nixon
Bob Nixon
Sales Director & Co Founder

Bob is a member of the founding team and is an business experienced manager. Bob holds a BA in business (BBS) and has played a significant role in steering the company to where it is today. Bob is no stranger to innovation, as a Director in his previous company he was the recipient of five national web technology awards (Golden Spider, Net Visionary & Appy Awards)

Niall Prenty
Niall Prenty

Niall is a qualified accountant (ACA) and is an experienced project manager. With his previous employer, Niall has managed numerous SAP implementation projects across the globe. Niall has also delivered consultancy services to a number of innovative organisations.

Barry O Donnell
Barry O'Donnell
Finance Manager

Following 6 years with KPMG Barry set up a successful financial consultancy business. Barry is a qualified accountant (ACA) and has been involved with the company since its incorporation. With a very significant network which extends in to the government as well as private sectors, Barry is an invaluable asset.


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