iCabbi Dispatch System

The World's Leading

Cloud Based Taxi Dispatch System

The World's Leading

Cloud Based Taxi Dispatch System

  • no lengthy contracts
  • your data stored securely in the cloud
  • access your dispatch system anytime, anywhere
  • no software installation, access via browser
  • fully automated & highly configurable dispatch
  • no pda's required, drivers use their own phone
  • consumer app, Text Back & web booker options
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iCabbi Dispatch System

The iCabbi Taxi Dispatch System

The iCabbi system is the most advanced cloud-based taxi dispatch system in the world. Our feature rich, automated dispatch system will match the offerings of any of the market leading solutions and as a new player entering the market, iCabbi have embraced the opportunity to objectively identify the common pains facing taxi companies with their existing providers and have focused on these areas to develop one of the most innovative and exciting products to enter the industry in a long time.

The taxi industry is in a global state of transition and we at iCabbi firmly believe the solution you choose for your business now has never been so important. Hardware based products are solutions of the past, with mobile and cloud technologies undoubtedly the future. Competitors sell static products that start becoming obsolete from the moment they go live, the iCabbi system evolves. We are uniquely positioned to offer a solution that will future proof your business.

Key Dispatch Features

Fully Automated Dispatch
Driver Android/iPhone App
Intelligent IVR
Consumer App Integrated
Web booker Integrated
Multi-Location Access
Continuous Development
Editable Zone Profiles
Live Taxi Map
Reporting & Business Intelligence
Credit, Cash & Account Payments
24/7 Support
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Automated Dispatch System
iCabbi's Automated Dispatch System is a Clean, Informative and Easily Navigable UI with Real Time Booking Analysis & Integrated controller Alerts for Maximum Control.
Driver Apps
User Friendly Android/iPhone Driver app with Credit Card facility, Signature Capture & Emailed Receipts
Automated Dispatching
Highly Dynamic Priority System to Ensure Previously Unachieveable Rates of Auto Dispatching
Taxi Booking Apps woth online booking engine
Integrated with iCabbi's Taxi Booking Apps, Online Booking Engine, IVR Solutions, Credit Card Processing & Taxi Websites
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Making a Booking

Why Choose iCabbi?

The taxi industry is in a global state of transition and the technology partner that you choose in these exciting times, we firmly believe, has never been so important. iCabbi has emerged from a competitive environment with an advanced, stable and highly innovative cloud based automated dispatch system that is gaining recognition fast in the taxi community. Over a 3 year period our dedicated team has delivered on a strategic growth plan that started from the ground up. We attribute our success to a dedicated team that listens to the needs of our partnering taxi companies. Your input drives improvement and our commitment is to continue to combine your experience with our technical skills to maintain put our system in a unique position ahead of the competition.
iCabbi - Your dedicated technology partner.

iCabbi strive to automate as many of your bookings as possible, using white label apps, web booking engines/forms, IVR and automated account booking procedures which reduces staff input and makes your business more efficient thereby reducing costs. Another innovative time-saving feature is our fully automated account booking process - your clients can book their account taxis online or on the apps, use our signature capture function on the driver app to sign for the job and all the details including the signature can feature on the invoice which can be emailed out - no need for dockets, resulting in vastly reduced numbers of queries and a more efficient, streamlined process for your company and your clients

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  • Multi-Location Access

    The days of businesses being reliant on one location are over, your business can now always be wherever you are. The cloud offers you the security that your business is protected in any eventuality.

  • Zone Designer

    Zones/Plots are designed and drawn by you and individually configurable to suit the precise geographic make up or traffic conditions of each specific area. Giving you more control over your drivers than has ever been previously achieved is where the The iCabbi system excels.

  • Automated Dispatch System

    Our advanced priority system revolutionises how bookings are dispatched by Longest waiting, nearest car, excluding certain drivers/addresses, priority drivers/cars etc

  • App Platforms

    Our white label driver apps are through the relevant app stores. You provide your drvers with login details and they're instantly ready to go. Administrators control driver access to the system at all times.

  • Evolving System

    Our PaaS Model (Platform as a Service) incorporates regular updates, and the good news is that other than personal requests for new features installed outside our ongoing development roadmap attract no additional charge. Our enthusiastic and experienced team are constantly striving to improve our system, to add new features and functionality that will ensure it not only moves with the market but that it will stay ahead of the game but without the crippling costs associated with upgrading traditional systems.

  • Credit Card Payments

    Seamless and well constructed payment flow on both a driver and operator level.

  • Detailed job history

    Every detail of every journey is recorded and easily accessible instantaneously.

  • Multi Company Booking

    Manage different companies/drivers through one interface

  • Accounts Management

    Signature Capture, Emailed invoice for driver/customers/accounts, configurable invoice options, fixed fares, configurable price calculator to account different times/days/people/vehicle etc., Driver statements, third party accounts package integration. Conclusion: our system was built with a large accounts orientated fleet. We have all your needs covered.

  • Advanced Telephony integrations

    We integrate with all phones systems, both hardware based and hosted VOIP solutions to provide caller id and intelligent IVR.

  • Consumer facing products

    Taxi Booking Apps for iPhone/Android, Taxi websites, Online Booking Engine & IVR. We use API's to access the core system and for larger fleets that like to avoid generic consumer focused products, we are happy to release our API's so you can build your own products. And we don't even mind if you sell them to our customers.

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iCabbi's Technology platform

iCabbi uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) to drive our dispatch system and associated applications. Our hosted solution essentially delivers resources and data to you over the internet without the need to store your data locally or rely on the computer resources you work from. The term "Cloud Computing" refers to extremely powerful servers that are located in various geographical locations in the world which host, process and deliver your data. If you have an email account with an email provider like Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail then you have been using Cloud Computing already. By using Cloud computing we can tap into a very powerful infrastructure that enables our dispatch software to run at instantaneous speeds. We provide you with this highly stable and reliable infrastructure so you don't have to keep your own on-site servers and backup systems.

icabbi infrastructure

Security in the Cloud

Concerns that cloud-based services lack in security are typically the result of not enough information about how cloud providers secure their infrastructures. The iCabbi system is built on Amazon AWS, the world's leading provider of cloud services. Our main application servers are currently located in multiple data centres which have extensive setback and military grade perimeter control berms as well as other natural boundary protection. Our wev servers sit behind a primary firewall managed by Amazon which receives security patches and upgrades as they are released.

Direct access to our application servers is denied, traffic is instead routed through a load balancer (front end web server) managed by Amazon with 128bit SSL for authentication/logins (as used by financial institutions etc).We have a second firewall (IPTables) which sits on each application server and allows us to grant access based on a whitelist of client IP addresses (Offlice Locations) which offers maximum security for our clients, and also allows us to combat DDoS attacks quite effectively.

Our database sits behind an additional firewall which is also managed by Amazon. This firewall is setup to allow connections from our application servers only. Developer access to resources is managed by Amazon Access Control (Security Groups and IAM based roles). The fact of the matter is that AWS makes sizable investments into maintaining commercial/military grade security, and can demonstrate they are ISO-27001 certified. Experts agree that a business stands greater risk of a security breach from within its four walls, than someone hacking a professionally maintained cloud-based infrastructure. Contrary to the concern, by migrating to the cloud for services, businesses can benefit from a more secure infrastructure.

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iCabbi strive to automate as many of your bookings as possible through our automated dispatch system by using white label taxi booking apps, online booking engines, IVR and automated account booking procedures with in-car signature capture feature that reduces staff input and makes your business more efficient thereby reducing costs.

  • Reduced setup & ongoing costs

    Cloud computing can offer significant cost benefits when you consider the total cost of ownership (TCO) associated with managing the comparable on-premises alternative. This includes buying hardware, licensing software, paying consultants for installing and customising systems, managing system upgrades, support and maintenance, facility expenses, and employees.

  • Scalability

    The ability to expand or contract as your needs increase or decrease, is another key benefit of cloud computing. In addition to paying for what you need when you need it, adjustments such as expanding server capacity can be completed in minutes compared to several days of on-premises labour. Think about how easy it is to setup a cloud-based email service such as Gmail or Hotmail. You simply register for an account online, and you are immediately able to send and receive emails. Similarly, using the Amazon Web Services portal (Amazon's IaaS solution) can be just as simple building and managing a cluster of servers and establishing geographic redundancy.

  • Reliability and Recovery

    With cloud based solutions, you get the added benefit of an infrastructure that can be easily and cost effectively configured for automatic fail over and geographic redundancy. AWS are in the business of granting its customers access to systems that must be available when needed. Cloud solutions are "always on" and extremely reliable.

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System Implementation

We take the implementation process of our system very seriously. We fully appreciate and understand the importance for any company in making the decision to change systems. We are dealing with companies that have been with the same providers for up to 15 years and it is critical the change is correctly managed and structured. We believe that any integration should be 70% planning and 30% delivery and this ensures that everyone within your organisation is brought through the process together. The iCabbi system introduces new cutting edge technology into your business with clear advantages/benefits for owners, controllers, operators, drivers and importantly your customers.

The first step is to introduce you to our highly qualified and experienced Client Services Manager. He will work with your team to provide you with a detailed plan that both the iCabbi team and key members of your team will work through, with defined deliverables to work towards and through. The result and main objective is a seamless integration that everyone is comfortable with.

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