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What our customers say..

Blue and White

Every cab company needs a willing business partner, not just a dispatch software company. iCabbi deliver not on what they think we need, but on what we actually do need.

Waleed Sonbol
Waleed Sonbol - GM

Blue and White Taxi, 400 Cars, Minneapolis USA

Acorn Cars Liverpool

iCabbi is a powerful, feature rich system. It allows us to tailor the system to meet the needs of our business. The ability to automate tasks allows staff more time to offer a better customer experience. Our staff love it, the drivers love it and most of all the customers love it."

Liam Sweeney, Acorn Cars Liverpool
Liam Sweeney - Owner

Acorn Cars, 240 Cars, Liverpool, UK


We chose iCabbi because it's the best technology on the market and the team are constantly improving the product.

Paul Ragan, Veezu
Paul Ragan - CEO

Veezu, 2,200 Cars, UK

Blueline Taxis

iCabbi has revolutionised the way we operate our business. Cloud based technology, and a feature full system has allowed us to improve the customer and driver experience. Through iCabbi we have been able to increase our work load, and satisfy more customers than ever which holds us in a stronger position in this ever competitive market.

Ian Shanks
Ian Shanks

Blueline Cars, Newcastle, UK 650 Cars, 2 Sites

Amber Cars Leeds

iCabbi emerged as the best option to take my business forward. The platform gives me the control and flexibility to operate my business the way I want and critically to improve the customer experience.

Andy Pennock
Andy Pennock - MD

Amber Cars, Leeds UK (900 cars, 90,000 bookings weekly, 50% automation through App/IVR/Web Booker)

City Taxis Logo

A solution that provided advanced technology combined with a fantastic customer service interface, allowing us to complete 1 million jobs in our first 3 months with iCabbi

Arnie Singh
Arnie Singh - MD

City Taxis, Sheffield UK, 1,400 Cars, formerly with Autocab

Data Cars Logo

Data Cars is South London's largest Private Hire company. It has taken me 25 years to build this business to over 300 cars and I felt for some time my present dispatch system was letting down my drivers and my customers on a regular basis with faults. I have travelled the globe in search for the best dispatch system on the market and without any doubt, I believe ICabbi is just that.

Les Chapman Data Cars
Les Chapman - MD

Data Cars, London Uk 300 taxis

Brookfleet Cars Logo

iCabbi offer not only a unique product that is hosted fully in the cloud but also a close working relationship with me and my staff. Support has been a big problem in the past with other dispatch providers but this is where iCabbi are strong, dealing with important issues efficiently. With iCabbi's help 2014 is going to be a good year for us. We have already recovered drivers previously lost and will grow further from here.

Richard Wade Brookfleet Cars
Richard Wade

Brookfleet Cars in Birmingham UK, 80 Taxis, formerly with Autocab

Enfield Station Cars Logo

What attracted me to the iCabbi Dispatch System initially was that no specialised hardware is required, in office or in car. Our drivers are using their own phones to receive jobs which is saving us money. Better still I don't have to buy new licenses each time my fleet grows, they just download the iCabbi Driver App and they're ready to go. The other dispatch system providers I've worked with should be very nervous. iCabbi offers a system that does everything they do and more using a model that costs me less.

Mehmet Combat Enfield Cars
Mehmet Combat

Enfield Cars in Enfield UK, 80 taxis

1AB Taxis Logo

We are doing around 20,000 jobs a week and were nervous about changing to a new system. The transition to iCabbi was extremely well planned which led to a seamless implementation. The service and support we have received from iCabbi from initial enquiry through to installation has been second to none. Drivers and staff have taken to it like a duck to water!

Peter 1AB Taxis
Chris Bainbridge

1AB Taxis in Darlington UK, 170 Taxis, 2 Sites

VIP Taxis Logo

We've been operating large fleets for over 20 years and the control, flexibility & configuration options of the iCabbi system opens up so many opportunities and has got me excited about my business again.

Mark Callaghan VIP Taxis Dublin
Mark Callaghan

VIP Taxis, Dublin Ireland, 500 cars

Express Taxis Logo

iCabbi has brought a new lease of life to our company. Quite simply we couldn't live without it.

Jo Collins Express Taxis
Jo Collins

Express Taxis, Dublin Ireland, 170 Taxis


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