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Increase Growth

Switching to iCabbi has delivered success and enabled partners to become market innovators.

“Since we’ve added the consumer app our customer base has grown. As a result we’re busier and have grown from 180 to 205 drivers in the last two months. They all love the driver app, it makes their lives so much easier”
Tony Abram, Millers Citax Cars, UK.


Increase Automation

Our tech drives efficiency through automation that is revolutionising the business.

“What surprised us after switching to iCabbi was how quickly we began to experience and benefit from increasing levels of automation. We regularly hit 50% automation now and the app is fantastic – better than Uber."
Peter Georgiou, Club Cars Manchester, UK.

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Peace of Mind

Seemless processes and clever tech reduces friction to help focus on growth and quality

“iCabbi's platform is fast, flexible and easy to use, allowing us to focus on solving real problems. Above all, customer satisfaction levels are up. 38 years in business, 8 months on iCabbi, I wish I made the move sooner!”
Dave Gauer, VIP Taxis Phoenix, USA.  

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