A whitelabel solution for building your own delivery network

Want to expand into food and goods delivery?  Our Whitelabel solution allows you to easily build, brand and manage your own local delivery network. Customers choose from a selection of outlets and place their orders directly through your app. This is then integrated with iCabbi to dispatch pick-up and delivery bookings to your drivers. 

Caboodleit includes a Whitelabel consumer app and website, as well as a back-end management portal where restaurants, takeaways, and retail outlets can process orders and manage their menus and stocklists.


Why should you create a local delivery brand using Caboodlit

  • Increase the job count for your fleet
  • Earn more revenue from drivers/bookings
  • Create a new stream (commission on orders)
  • Drive fleet efficiency through diversified activities
  • Enhance customer engagement + loyalty
  • Fight back against multinationals taking your market share
  • Provide a local service for local people, whilst contributing to the local economy and business community

So what are you waiting for? Get your local delivery service up and running before someone else does!

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