Dispatch Management

Dispatch Management handles all your back-end processes. It stores and streamlines all of your driver, vehicle, passenger and corporate business records, and automates invoicing, billing and reporting. It’s here where you can configure the system to meet all of your unique needs – giving you the flexibility and control to dispatch your way – from managing all your pricing including fixed fares and tariffs to setting and changing your driver zones.

We Make Running Your Taxi Fleet Easier
Control all aspects of your taxi business in the cloud
Streamline your fleet's administration with payment, billing, and record management.
You can manage multiple fleets on the same system, so you can access and control all of your fleets in one place.
Enjoy the convenience of digital online storage and administration. You can manage your fleet from anywhere, at any time.
Reduce the time and cost of back-end administration by automating business processes.
99.999% up-time says it all. You'll always have your business at your fingertips.
Decide who should have access to your taxi dispatch system back-end. They can have total access or be restricted to the particular area of admin they work in.
All-in-One Fleet Management
Streamline your taxi business with a host of features to configure your dispatch logic and manage your admin
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