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Passengers today have lots of choice. They expect a quick and hassle-free digital taxi experience from booking through to payment. You can give your customers just that, and rival any competitor, with the iCabbi Passenger App. 

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Grow Your Business with a World-Class Passenger App
Expand your customer base, increase booking automation and reduce fraud - what's not to love?
Passenger Experience
No log-in. Easy-to-use app with streamlined UI/UX design. Smart fare estimates, ETAs and tracking. Multiple payment options (Credit Card, Cash, Google Pay, Apple Pay)
Expand into Deliveries
It's not just about transporting people anymore. Allow your customers to order food & goods collection and delivery via your app.
Increase Bookings & New Customers
Use the Boost marketing tool to increase bookings from your current app users, and get existing passengers to help you grow your customers with the Referral function. Offer Promotions & Vouchers, Loyalty points and Gift Cards, and enjoy the benefits of Marketing Automation with Push Notifications.
Prevent Credit Card Fraud
Heighten security with 3DS. Reduce failed transactions with up-front payment authentication. The iCabbi Passenger App is SCA compliant.
Automate Fraud Disputes Management
Save time and money managing your payment disputes with banks using iCabbi's specially designed Payment Console.
Network-wide Card Blocking
Once any fleet on iCabbi blocks a fraudulent credit card, it is blocked across all iCabbi customer taxi fleets using the Passenger App.
Passenger-First Thinking
Your passengers will enjoy a complete end-to-end digital experience. Using your own-branded Passenger App they can:
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